Desktop Lightroom Presets

Find the perfect effects for your next creation. Here’s our round-up of our full collection of preset packs for Adobe Lightroom. You’ll find a healthy assortment of presets that’ll deliver stunning images in 1-click.

PX Presets takes inspiration from the leading photographers and creative studios in the industry for the applicable genres. But, we do infuse the latest trends with our unique flair. The majority of these won’t require any adjustments.

But, some minor tweaks to exposure, saturation, and contrast will ensure you get precisely the results you want if they do. Either way, enjoy the phenomenal effects you’ll create in mere seconds. All you need is a compatible device and an active Adobe Lightroom subscription. From there, you can easily find the perfect effect for food, landscapes, travel, weddings, family photos,  portraits, and much more. 


Presets FAQ


So what are Lightroom presets?

Think of Lightroom presets as advanced filters, similar to an Instagram or Photos filter, that adds a specific visual style to an image. And they allow you to apply changes and adjustments to future photos quickly, saving time and makes editing more consistent. 

What’s a Lightroom Mobile preset?

Lightroom mobile presets are functionally identical to Desktop presets. They’re specifically designed and optimized for use on mobile devices running the free Lightroom Mobile app. And they allow you to edit photos on the go and offer a workaround for users who don’t have an active Creative Cloud membership. 

Desktop vs. Mobile Presets

The main reason to choose Desktop over Mobile is that Desktop presets are more powerful. But, they require an active Creative Cloud subscription, which is paid monthly. The results between both are the same. But Lightroom Classic or Cloud for the Desktop offers superior functionality over its app counterpart. And you’ll get better integration with other software applications. 

How do Mobile presets work?

Mobile presets let you apply our filters on a mobile device using the free Lightroom app. And this gives you the freedom to quickly edit on the go when your standard editing computer isn’t available.  

What kinds of images work with your presets?

We’ve designed our presets to be general-purpose and work across all kinds of photos. We test them on real-life images ranging from family, commercial, product, still life, lifestyle, and wedding photography during the development process. And we do this to ensure they’re highly compatible across as many mediums as possible. But, even so, every image is different. And not every preset will work on every photo. You’ll want to modify them slightly by adjusting the exposure, saturation, and contrast in these cases. 

I don’t shoot RAW. Will these presets still work?

Yes. While shooting in RAW is recommended, as you’ll have more flexibility, it’s not a requirement to use presets. All of our presets will work for JPEG, JPG, PNG, and even HEIC phone photos. 

I am new to Lightroom. Can I still use these presets?

Yes. Our presets are designed to suit complete beginners, intermediate, or even advanced professional photographers. So regardless of your skill level, you’ll find them equally easy to use. 

What programs work with these presets?

For Desktops Adobe Lightroom 2016 or newer, including Lightroom Classic and Cloud. And Adobe Lightroom Mobile for Android and iOS. 

How do I install these presets?

You can find a detailed guide Here