Lightroom Mobile Presets

Find the perfect effects for your next invention. Here’s our round-up of all available preset packs for Adobe Lightroom Mobile. You can find a full suite of presets that will deliver stunning images in no time.

We take inspiration from industry-leading photographers and creative studios in the applicable genre. But, we do infuse our unique flair on these latest trends. The majority of the packs from PX Presets won’t require any adjustments. However, some minor changes to exposure, contrast, and saturation will help ensure you get precisely the result that suits you best.

Otherwise, enjoy the fantastic results you can create in seconds. All you need is a compatible mobile device and the free Adobe Lightroom Mobile app. From there, you can find the perfect effect for travel, portraits, food, landscapes, weddings, family photos, and much more. 


Presets FAQ


So what are Lightroom presets?

Look at Lightroom presets as high-level filters, which are similar to applying a filter on Instagram so that you can add a specific visual style to your photo. And these presets allow you to make changes or adjustments quickly, saving time and makes your editing overall more consistent. 

What’s a Lightroom Mobile preset?

Lightroom mobile presets are mostly identical to Desktop presets. However, we’ve specifically designed them for use with mobile devices and the free Lightroom Mobile app. But, in general, they allow you to edit photos while traveling. Additionally, you can use them as a workaround if you don’t have an active Creative Cloud subscription and save money doing so.

Mobile vs. Desktop Presets

The main reason to choose Mobile presets over Desktop is if you want on-the-go flexibility. And, ultimately, you prefer editing on a mobile device. But, know, the results are both the same. Even so, Desktop presets use the fully-featured Lightroom Classic and Cloud applications, which offer superior functionality over the app version. And you also get better integration with other desktop applications. 

How do Mobile presets work?

Mobile presets allow you to add filters to photos using a mobile device and the free Lightroom Mobile app. And they ultimately give you the freedom to edit on the go, which is useful when your standard editing computer is unavailable. 

What kinds of images work with your presets?

Our presets are general-purpose and will work across all kinds of photos. During development, we test them on real-life images ranging from commercial, product, family, still life, lifestyle, and even wedding photography. And this ensures they’re compatible across a wide array of mediums. However, every single photo is different. So, not every preset will work. In these cases, you’ll want to modify them by adjusting saturation, contrast, or exposure. 

I don’t shoot RAW. Will these presets still work?

Yes. While we recommend shooting in RAW for the flexibility it offers, it’s not a requirement. All of our presets work with non-RAW photos, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and even HEIC images from phones. 

I am new to Lightroom. Can I still use these presets?

Yes. We’ve designed our presets with beginners in mind. So even if you’re completely new or an advanced professional user, you’ll find them equally easy to use.

What programs work with these presets?

Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iOS and Android or Adobe Lightroom Classic and Cloud 2016 or newer for Desktops.

How do I install these presets?

You can find a detailed guide Here. There you’ll see the steps to install them on Android and iOS devices.